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1959 Kapal Layar Series of One dollar Banknote

Kapal Layar Waterlow and Sons A prefix original uncirculated

Kapal Layar Thomas De La Rue Rare A prefix in original uncirculated condition. Very very rare to get this kind of condition.

I managed to track that the waterlow series was issued until prefix of A71 and that the Thomas was from prefix A74. So the switching of printer was between A72 or A73.

This also means that the A prefix of Thomas de La Rue is definitely a very scarce and rare find in original uncirculated condition as the amount of A prefix for TDLR is only 1/3 of waterlow and sons

PS(9/11/09): I can now confirmed that the printer switched at A/71 as I had come across 2 pieces of A/71 notes where one is by Waterlow while the other is by TDLR.

Kapal Layar Thomas De La Rue C prefix in running numbers in original uncirculated condition.

This is an almost completed set of 1959 Kapal Layar set of 0ne dollar note. The only piece i haven't got is the B prefix in original uncirculated condition.

PS: I finally found the B prefix original UNC piece of kapal layar...