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Bank of England's GBP5, 10, and 20 Banknotes

I have yet to go into foreign notes in serious but i have some collections to share with everyone. This is a set of GBP5. 10, and 20 notes in original uncirculated conditions and signed by the current chief casher Andrew Bailey.

It's a bit hard to come across brand new, or uncirculated notes in UK as the banks or post office do not simply issue brand new notes for ANG POW, which the mat salleh don't need to buy from dealers apparently.

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  1. Mr Yaw

    Whilst I have yet to manage to get a complete full set of the current GBP notes for my collection, your comment is not entirely correct. There is a way to get them at face value but one has to be in England to do that, just like one has to be in Malaysia to get UNC ringgit. I also understand that the only UNC notes you can get from the ATM is the 20 pounds, I think. I could be wrong on this. Apart from the GBP20, I am not sure if other value is also dispensed too.

    From the United Kingdom, Ulster Bank banknotes are the most difficult to find, unless you are willing to pay dealer prices. Perhaps Air Asia can help with cheap flight fares LOL!

  2. Thank you for your comment...

    Currently, UK ATM machines only dispense 2 denominations, GBP10 and GBP20. And experience tell me that one will never get an UNC from a ATM machine...

    As you mentioned, i do acknowledge the fact that there are ways to get them in face value.

    As an amateur collector as well as a student studying abroad in the UK, it is going to be difficult to even come across an uncirculated banknote without any knowledge of the collectors' community within the vicinity...

    Air Asia definitely wont be able to sponsor some one like to just to go there and get myself an UNC note...or will they???LOL

  3. Arrrrr! Gone were the days where you only get one pounds note from the ATM, and I still have some in my collection, all in UNC condition. I just wish the ATMs here would do the same too. Surprising these one pound notes didn't even have any machine counting or indented marks on the notes.

    Some years ago, I managed to get a complete set of the GBP in UNC condition. Despite the word UNC, it does have some binding marks, but then I am not complaining, after all I only paid face value for the set. Unfortunately I can get them anymore. It's a long story anyway. Now I am looking for an exchange partner from UK, if any!

  4. I too, am looking for a UK exchange partner. I didn't have the time to really go and find out the collectors community within Leicester.

    So, i wasn't able to get what i wanted on face value also, what more to say about those 1 pound note... even my own young britsh housemates were surprised to see the 1 pound note...

    my preference would still be UNC if i can afford it...but at times, i just have to let go some of the notes i dreamt off....