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World War II Japanese Invasion Money Specimen Banknote

This is a world war II Japanese Invasion Money One Dollar and Ten Dollars specimen banknotes that I bought from a good friend of mine who is also a reputable collector in KL region. This specimen is an unlisted variety.

The potential of this note is unknown but I will keep it as part of my dear collection. Maybe there are other collectors who have details of these notes willing to share their information with me???Anyone??

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  1. i am not a pro, but recently i bought a book - Malaysian banknotes & coins (publication of trigometric sdn.bhd). if you looking to value your collections, i think it is a good book. very detail information inside.

    from the book, a 1000 dollars specimen "jian ben" UNC note valued at RM3,300. thast just for your information.

  2. Hi, thanks for the information. I also have that book. You should get another book by international stamp about banknotes if you are interested in collecting banknotes. I confirmed that the catalog by international stamp will be its last edition since the boss is retiring soon...