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1995 - 1998 Ahmad Don RM100 Banknote by Harrison and Sons

This is the rarest modern Malaysian RM100 that one could find. It was printed by Harrison and Sons. An earlier print with same design was by Thomas De LaRue, taking the prefixes from AG to AM.
The reason behind its rarity is that there are only 2 prefixes printed by Harrison and Sons....Namely AN and AP. This means that only 20 million pieces were printed at most.
After AP prefix, a new design, the WAWASAN series were released. This completely limited the number of these banknotes being circulated in the market.
The catalog price for this note is RM220, which i think is seriously undervalued...if anyone happens to come across a high grade such as UNC, AUNC, or even recommendation...grab it...the chance of having a great piece of collection like this may never come again...

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  1. Fully agree with you about the scarcity of this issue. A lot of collectors don't pay much attention to this issue at the moment and they may regret it in years to come. Another point to take note is its replacement issue of ZU. Its catalogue price is still very affordable at this moment so collectors should try to at least keep a pair now.

  2. I agree also. Many collectors have overlooked or even disregard this issue becos they thought that this is just another ordinary issue, when in reality, it is the rarest RM100 available. With only 2 prefixes, it is rarest in modern malaysia ordinary issue banknotes.

  3. If your modern Malaysia issue banknotes start from the 1st series of SA-RATUS, then your statement of it being the rarest is not true. Don't forget the first 4 series of RM100 have only a million per prefix so that makes the 1st series of only 3 million, the perennial champion of Malaysia banknote rarity, followed closely by the 4th series of Aziz Taha.

  4. anonymous 1 & 2: The scarcity/rarity of this note in UNC is definitely without a doubt amongst the RM100 to date. Yet the price for this note in UNC is still very affordable for many collectors. Could it be the price factor that leads to the overlooking of this very potential RM100 note by many collector?

  5. anonymous 3:
    I agree with your point of view. That's really depends on how one interprete the term modern, just like the term edition, series and type....

    some will use series in stead of edition and type as well.

    A might be refering to say RM100 Aziz Taha 1982 as 5th series, while B could be refering to 2nd edition 1st type, while C could refer it as 2nd series 1st type.

    For me, from this point/time onwards, any banknotes that is after/during blindman series is consider modern malaysia note becos it no longer carries security features of the colonial era like tiger head or fractional prefixes.

  6. Thank u so much for the comments...i learnt something from all of u

  7. Mr Yaw,

    My late comment on RM100 H&S imprinter

    Nice site you got here.

    If this note is rare, shouldn't the market value be much higher? In today's banknotes market value, every new note issued is sold for at least 100% premium over the FV, and RM220 for FV of RM100 does not indicate this note is rare, especially this note was printed in the mid 90s(?). In my opinion, if this note is indeed rare, it should have a market value of say RM1000+ at least. One should also not to forget that there are now more collectors since Internet as compared to say 20 or 30 years ago, and with the aid of electronic (PC/Internet), notes are more easier to get, and I am speaking from experience. I happen to have few of this H&S prints RM100 in UNC condition (AP prefix) in my collection. My personal opinion is that this note should not be classified as even "hard to find" if there are plenty of this note in private hands (collectors/dearlers). Since I have this note, I hope I am wrong.