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Definition of Modern Malaysia Banknote

3rd edition Zeti Aziz Wawasan Series RM1

2nd edition Jafar Husein series in 1986

1st edtion of 1976 Ismail Ali RM1

Has anyone ever thought of the definition of modern Malaysia banknotes???

When should we draw the line for modern Malaysia banknotes???

For many collectors, I believe this is a problem as it was never mentioned or clearly defined. Some may say from the 1st series 1967, some may say 1982 blind man series while another may refer to the Wawasan series...

If we study the Malaysian Banknotes history, Malaysia was formed in 1963 but only started issuing her own banknotes in 1967. The 1st series until the 4th series in 1981 all carries similar designs....amongst the features the note carry are also those security features from the colonial era. These features includes the tiger head watermark and fractional prefixes, and old spelling ofcertain Malay words.

The blindman series started in 1982 overturn all the these features, the tiger head wayermark was replaced with YDP Agongs portrait, Fractional prefixes becomes double alphabets prefixes, and the background designs used local tradition concepts that portrays the multiracial indiviuality of Malaysia. These clearly indicates a brand new Malaysia look away from the colonial influences.

So for me, the 1st - 4th Malaysia notes are considered to be Old Malaysian note, while those beginning 1982 Blindman series are considered Modern Malaysian Banknotes...

What say you???

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  1. Though I fully agree with you all the logic you gave to substantiate the beginning of the Modern Malaysian Banknotes, I still must give my 2 cents worth and some food for thought.

    To draw a distinct line to differentiate the Old and Modern Malaysian Banknotes must be a very defining moment and not just based on changes in some security features like watermark or even types of prefixes. Those could be due to the change of times or purely the whims and fancies of the governing authorities to follow the current practices of issuing banks.

    Banknotes were first used in Malaysia and the Straits Settlements more than 200 years ago and it's only in 1967 when the then independent Malaysia started issuing her own currencies. Over the years, various designs, themes and features were introduced and changed to reflect the progress of the nation. One feature that remains unchanged all these years is the portrait of the first DYMM YDP Agong, the first ruler of the country on the obverse. So far, there are 3 distinct series to mark the era of a common design of unique features.

    To cut the long story short, if we were to use a certain feature, design or theme to mark the beginning of the Modern Malaysian Banknotes, it will be never ending because there will always be changes. So the RM1 triple prefix can be considered, since it is a first for Malaysian banknotes? It must be a defining moment and it's none other than the moment BNM started issuing its own currencies to mark the arrival of the Modern Malaysian Banknotes.

  2. To me modern M.sian banknote should have Agong Head. I was taught that Agong head is money since I was a kid.

    If not Agong head then is colonial banknote or wang palsu.

    I believe that with a changing of signature should not be call series instead should be called type.

    There is this rip off banknote seller in jonker that designate the banknote with series. He told me that there is 15 series in M.sian banknote. Crap mana ada? So many series make people confuse saja.

  3. Thank you so much for the comments made.

    Different views from different collectors,just like the different grading systems used by IBNS as well as is just a matter of perception and a very subjective matters...

    Stilll my sincere gratitude to the contribution of comments.