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1981 Aziz Taha Sepuluh Ringgit Running Numbers Choice UNC

2张连号1981年发行的十块钱。。。CHOICE UNC。

这系列的钱币, 所有面额 CHOICE UNC 品相都是比较罕见。这个系列也是马币最后一个引用老虎头为水墨印和分子分母系列号码的系列。



所以发行量不大,能够保存着Original UNC 已经不简单,Choice UNC和连号更是少之又少。

A pair of 1981 Aziz Taha Sepuluh ringgit in Choice Unc and Running numbers.

In 1981, BNM issued a new sepuluh ringgit bearing the new governor signature. This is the last of the old Malaysian notes that bears the tiger head watermark and fractional serial numbers.

In 1982, BNM issued the new Blindman series notes. Thus, making the circulated note of this series in the market then relatively small compared to other series.

Having being issued for only a year, furthermore it is in choice unc and running numbers, it is not overexagerated for me to say that this is definitely a "rare" find....though it is still faraway from being a masterpiece of my collection.