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South Korean 10000 Won UNC

South Korean 2nd largest denomination, 10,00 won.
The obverse depicts Sejong the Great (May 7, 1397 – May 18, 1450, r. 1418 – 1450), the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty. During his regency, he acquired firm foundation of the state by reinforcing Confucius politics and executing major legal amendments (공법; 貢法).
Furthermore, from the creation of Hangul and advancement of scientific technologies, he utilized the accumulated power to expand the territory. He is the third son of King Taejong and Queen-Consort WonKyeong-Min.

Sejong is one of only two Korean rulers posthumously honored with the appellation "the Great
", the other being Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeo.