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Steven tan's new catalogue

Finally I caught hold of the latest edition of Steven Tan's Standard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Coin and Papermoney, 19th edition.
I am very lucky enough to have purchase the catalogue while he was in office. I did not waste my opportunity to grab the chance to have him autograph my new catalogue, which Mr Steven gladly signed. I will upload the photo later.
Among the items that caught my 1st attention are:
1. 1931-1935 Straits Settlement $1, $5 and $10 notes prices has gone up by abt 30% or more in average.
2. 1959 Malaya and British Borneo Kapal Layar $1 A prefix Waterlow version. The new catalogue price was RM550 for a UNC....
3. 1982 Malaysia blindman series $50, where a UNC piece will cost RM350....
4. 1998 Malaysia Ahmad Don RM100 AN-AP prefix, where the new price for a UNC is RM260....
What's your say??

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  1. Wow so good for you, We here in Sabah not going to have the opportunity to buy it directly and get an autograph from mr Steven. Cheers!