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Mr Chai stolen Items Part I

I just came back from the house of Mr Chai Chang, a well known collector who was recently been snatched 3 albums of precious collections. Mr Chai was very happy to share with us the information of the collection stolen as much as he could. For those collectors or dealers out there, if you happen to come across anyone who offer you a lot of items at unbelievable price, just watch out.

For identification purpose, the item codes used here will be according to Steven Tan's 18th Std catalog of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei coin and paper money.

As the item stolen were too many, I decided to split the list of items stolen into few parts. This is the 1st part of the list:-

Freak Notes 错题钞票:

1. M73, RM10 Ali centre signature, bottom portion with margin, UNC,

2. M72, RM10 Ali side signature, bottom portion with extra margin, UNC,

3. RM50 Zeti signature, agong potrait with very black ink, 3pcs running numbers, all UNC,

4. M67, RM2, all orange and yellow colours on the obverse (next to the Agong potrait) are ommited. Thus front surface is all whitish in colour.

Straits settlements 海峡殖民地 :

1. 1935 KGV $1, AU, as there is a very small part that was torned off on the top left corner of the note.

2. 1935 KGV $5,VF,

3. 1935 KGV $10, VF.