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Visitors from 100 different countries

Today marks a historic moment in my collection, be it currency, stamps, postcards or coins. Up till just now, my blogs have been visited by friends from 100 different countries around the world. Thank for all your support. I am honoured and will continue to share my collections with you all.

Thank you all

7 条评论:

  1. Congratulations! I guess not many blog can achieve that. This is what numismatic or other hobby's blog special. hehe

  2. Congrats and well done... Let's have another 100 more fags to come!!

  3. mnfaj,
    thanks...i guess you are right...
    thanks and lets work towards another 100 more flags

  4. Major Congrats...........keep up the good works, we collectors must band together and promote the hobby!

  5. Ooops, did I said 'fags'....poor English spelling.

    Well, as you can see, I can't write, can't spell, can't do nothing LOL!.

    My 1000 should be "flags"-lah ......stupido-me! My English teacher must be very proud of me! (He/she no where to be found)

  6. Chua, bravo and all the best to you for year 2011!

  7. clement,
    as collector, i do agree and will try my best to promote the hobby to everyone...

    Ooops, i also buta buta tak nampak...
    sorry to my english teacher as well...
    Kai, you may not be able to write, spell correctly, but there is one thing u can definitely do better than me, that is you collect better than me...LOL

    Thank u and all the best for you too in the year of rabbit!!