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1919 Russian 1000 Ruble Low Serial No 7???

Bought this Low serial number note quite some time ago. However, i tried searching for its origin but to no avail. I suspect its from Russia but still cant find any matching details. Can someone enlighten me on this piece of note?

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  1. Latuk,

    Ay-am looking at the book and see no note. It looks Russian, it smell Russian and ay-am agreed with you that this is Russian. Since I can't find any comparison, this may not be a normal banknote, but say a Debenture bond, etc. Therefore I am saying that I have no idea LOL!

  2. Tan Sri,
    Thank u so much for the effort to help me find out what note it is..I suspect it is russian but what kind of note is still something that eludes everybody.....who knows it cud be a an abnormal precious note, or it may turn out to be something as cheap as your toilet rolls...
    still i am counting on u pakar numis out there to tell me...

  3. Hi, It's South Russia 1,000 Rubles 1919. Its Pick number is S418. You could find it in SCWPM vol one.



  4. Well done Dani. I don't have that book..... Is it worth much?

  5. Thank you Dani,
    I also haven't got the catalogue, as i only ventured into world notes recently.....Is it worth a lot???

  6. I have 7th edition (which is quite old one). So, the quotations are: VG - $0.4; VF - $1.5, UNC - $4

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