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The Journey to Building a Strong Numist Collection

Recently, especially for the last couple of years, I have seen countless occasions where speculations of certain banknotes occurred in the numist family. As a result, some collectors especially the newbies felt cheated and decided not to continue their collection anymore. 

To see so many young dropouts along the way hurts the most, as every time I saw them leaving the hobby feeling disappointed. I was a newbie and I know the feeling for I was also cheated when I 1st started the hobby.   

However, I did not stop collecting. So I decided to share some of my thoughts and feelings after been in the numist family for so long to all the newbies. Here they are…

  1. Hobby 1st Investment 2nd
  2. Tools and albums
  3. Systematic collection
  4. Thematic collection
  5. Collect within your means
  6. Enjoy your babies’ values and appreciation

1). Hobby First Investment Second

Numismatic collection is 1st and foremost a hobby. This is the fundamental principle and ideology that all numist collectors must always remember. If one always looks from the perspective of an investor, that is profit based purchased, one will never be able to get good quality item…trust me… 

Numist, it is not about how much one can gain from buying a certain numist collectible, only to sell it sometime later to make profit…it is about the adventurous journey of finding and getting the dream notes or coins into your collection. It is not about the amount of money you spent, but the feeling of satisfaction and achievement in being able to get that particular note/coin that you desperately hope for, irrespective of the actual value of the collectible.

These numist collectibles are in a way, your newborn babies that need your attention, tender love and care. You will need to study and learn how to treat them nicely.

As your collection grows, and with the passage of time, you will realize that your babies would have grown into great strength. I will share much on this later. 

To be continued...

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