Banknotes collectors who visited...来自各国的一班朋友们

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Unlisted and Unissued JIM Specimen Notes PMG AU55

Finally another masterpiece that I can called my own. 1942 JIM $1 MO prefix specimen banknote. Graded by PMG as AU55. Some people said things that are unlisted usually doesn't exists and sometimes could be counterfeit product made in China. 

Well I would said it need not be the case for every instances. If you have done enough research and studies on your theme of collection, things may work out in anyway. 

My piece of advice to newbies and old timers, me included, always do homework and collect wisely. Use your brain and commonsense, and use you hard earn money wisely.

To the dealers, it is best to stop creating sandiwara, rumours and sparkling fears in the numis world, only to reappear in a later instances as a hero with a so called charitable act to convince newbies into buying your items.