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JB Numist Club 1st Inaugural Online FB Auction Preview -1

This is the first of few post that is out of my own initiative to share the previews of items up for grab in the upcoming JB Numist club 1st inaugural online FB auction.

If you are interested, please visit the website at JB Numist Club 

Here are some of the items up for grabs in the coming FB online auction by the club.

Lot 3, 25 Katis, (31.12.1941), Sarawak Rubber Export Coupons, (SKR3c), serial no. 071622-23, consecutive pair, no fold, slight ageing, AU-UNC (2). 

Start bid: RM30, Estimate: RM80-260

Realised : RM220

Lot 6, RM50, (1967-72), Malaysia, 1st series, sign. Ismail Md. Ali, broken security thread, (KNB3a), serial no. A/8 874638, original UNC
Start bid: RM100, Estimate: RM250-500
Realised : RM430

Lot 7, 50 cents, (1961), Malaya & British Borneo, portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, (KN6g), NGC graded MS63.
Start bid: RM150, Estimate: RM250-500
Realised : RM260

Lot 8, RM20, (1982-84), Malaysia, 5th  series, sign. Aziz Taha, (KNB27b), serial no. TB6177158-59, consecutive pair,  Choice UNC (2).
Start bid: RM200, Estimate: RM500-800
Realised : RM530

Lot 9, 10 cents, (1971), Malaysia, parliament house series, (KN4), variety II, UNC.
Start bid: RM250, Estimate: RM500-700
Realised : RM580

Lot 12, RM1, (1982-84), Malaysia, 5th series, sign. Aziz Taha, (KNB24a), Low serial no. AK0000008, Choice UNC.
Start bid: RM300, Estimate: RM500-1000

Realised : RM800

Lot 14, 20 cents, (1994), Malaysia, Bunga Raya series, UNC, NGC MS65.
Start bid: RM400, Estimate: RM500-800

Realised : RM700

Lot 19, 500 PISO, (2005), Republic of Philipines, repeated prefix solid numbers, serial no. EE 666666, original UNC.
Start bid: RM60, Estimate: RM150-400
Realised : RM128

Lot 24, 10 cents, (1971), Malaysia, parliament house series, (KN4), variety II, UNC, NGC MS65.
Start bid: RM500, Estimate: RM700-1000

Realised : RM1380

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JB Numis Club Online Auction Preview 2

To be continued.........