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Lot 19, Malaysia, RM50 (2007), with 50 anniversary logo, (KNB75a) 12th series.  Commemorative note in folder. Serial no AA0008417. Only 20000 issued with folder. UNC

Realised: RM810

Lot 20, Malaya and British Borneo, portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, 5 cents, (KN3a), 1953, PCGS  graded MS64.

Realised: RM330

Lot 21, Malaya, portrait of King George VI, 5 cents, (KN4d), 1943, Silver. NGC graded MS63.

Realised: RM230

Lot 22, Malaysia, RM50, (2007) without 50 anniversary logo, 12th series, Zeti Aziz, (KNB77a), Ladder Serial no DT1234567. UNC

Realised: RM600

Lot 23, Malaysia, 2012, Installation of His Majesty the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XIV, Set of 3, Ladder serial no 234, proof.

Realised: RM2000

Lot 24, Malaysia, 2007, 200 years anniversary of the police force, (KN89), RM1 Nordic gold coin card. BU


Lot 25, Malaysia, 2012, 3rd series coins set in box. Only 1200 boxes issued. BU

Realised: RM400

Lot 26, Malaysia, RM100(1995-98),  7th Series, Ahmad Don,(KNB43c), Harrison and Sons, Serial no AN5887310. UNC.

Realised: RM330

Lot 27,  Singapore $2 X 4 pcs(KNB36d) and $5X 3 pcs(KNB37c). 1999. $2 same serial no 469831. $5 same serial no 159101. An interesting set of Lee Hsien Loong sign identical serial numbers especially the $5 as only limited Prefixes is issue Interesting note, all 7 notes ending with 1. UNC


Lot 28, China, 1972 5 Jiao without watermark, Serial no VI V II 9041273, PMG graded GEM UNC 66 EPQ

Realised: RM250

Lot 29, Malaysia 20 cents, Bunga Raya series, (KN12), 1994, key date, NGC graded MS65. Similar piece with same condition was sold in JBNC inaugural FB online mini auction at RM700 in Jan 2014.

Realised: RM680

Lot 30, Straits Settlements Queen Victoria 1873 Half Cent - Scarce Key Year, (KN8), Surface scratches and couple nick on rim, GVF.

Realised: RM900

Lot 31, Malaysia, RM1, 1999 unissued, 10th series, Ali Abul Hassan, (KNB55), Serial no CR7223074. PMG AU55. Only CR prefix available.

Realised: RM3300

Lot 32, Japan Yen, Taisho Year 3 (1914), (Y.38), silver dollar, original condition, au - unc

Realised: RM330

Lot 33, China Sinkiang, Kashgar Mint, military ration silver coin, 1911, 5 Miscals. Nine stars variety (九星版), colourful toning, vf-ef.

Realised: RM910