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Shit will happen even if you do nothing!

Recently I noticed there were a lot of comments from numismatic fans out there that the sales of counterfeit, washed or doctored coins and banknotes were rampant and many had fallen prey.

It was also reported by several “key persons” that the content of these numismatic books published locally cannot really reflect the actual market, and that these publishers were out to make money only.

Apart from these complaints, I had also come across certain “type of collectors” who are always in constant state of denial and always finger-pointing others but himself or herself.

I had been in the hobby for almost ten years and I still love banknotes and coins. For your information, I had fallen prey too many a times and became victims. The most recent one was early this year. 

I do agree that many of the books published locally can hardly reflect the actual market price. Still I bought them every time they are published. Probably these ‘key person” think that I am just another stupid fool to surrender my money to these “sharks”

Let me tell you a quote I see today from my student’s shirt and I completely agrees with it:

Get over with it and move on Pal! 

Stop living in the past where negativity and angers have complete control over your sanity! Living in such foregone days brings you nowhere. Wake up dude! Trust me, I had been there and bounced back…

Books are always a good friend no matter what….so what if the books published cannot reflect the real market? Then may I ask you why everyday you read the news when in reality it doesn’t really reflect the real situation or the real story that is happening within the country?

Don’t spend your time always in a state of denial and always finger pointing others but yourself. Stop whining and groaning with words that make no sense to others. Don’t be so childish and stop making yourself a laughing stock for others. Pull up your socks, research, study, grow to be a better and wiser collector. 

So, Move On and Grow UP!!!!