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JBNC 4th Auction is coming....Part I

Finally, JBNC after a long long time decided to have its 4th Facebook online auction on 19-20th Sept 2015 at its Facebook auction room. Here are the items up for grabs!

Lot 1, 2000, Zeti Aziz, RM1 uncut 3-in-1, (KNB1), with folder, UNC.
Start bid: RM200         Estimate: RM 250 - RM350

Lot 2, Malaya, King George VI, 10 cents, 1941, (KNB8c), PMG graded 64. This piece is the scariest variety c, not usually available in UNC condition.
Start bid: RM350, Estimate: RM600 - RM800

Lot 3, Malaya & British Borneo, Kapal Layar $1, (KNB71b), Fancy Serial Number B80 600000, Fine condition. Finding older banknotes with special serial number is never easy, especially for the British Malayan series.
Start bid: RM150   Estimate: RM300 – RM800

Lot 4, Malaya, 1939. King George VI, 20 cents, 0.75 fine silver coins, (KNB8a), NGC graded MS64.
Start bid: RM250         Estimate: RM300- RM400

Lot 5, Malaya & British Borneo, 1962, 1 cent,(KN2), NGC graded MS65RD.
Start bid:  RM240      Estimate: RM280 – RM320

To be continued....

To those who wish to join our coming JBNC auction but have no idea how, please email me at for further inquiries.....