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Hawaii word in 1967 Rm1???

I am not very sure how true is this but to me, this looks like a Hawaii word....

The 1st and 2nd word looks like Ha...while the white colour of the background design form the "W" alphabet. last but not least, the last few alphabets..."aii"

So if you join all the alphabets, you get... Hawaii...Ola

Strange, but its true.....

9 条评论:

  1. Chua, you are looking at the wrong place for the Hawaii word.

    Email me and I will show it to you.

    You will shiat bricks once you see it.

  2. wil,
    i don have your email leh....

  3. Chua

    Wilson is right. You are looking at the wrong part of the note. He is the guru on this hahahaha!

    Enjoy LOL!

  4. Then can some one tell me?!?!
    i don have wilson's email address...

  5. Try his site; -

  6. Wilson,

    Please help. You are driving Chua up the wall!! LOL!

  7. Kai,
    he certainly had...the Hawaii word so so negligible...
    he shown to me already

  8. Chua,

    Perhaps that was not meant to be seen by anyone. Perhaps the designer may wants to express is token of appreciation to Hawaii for using their folk song as the national anthem, and almost the same design of their national flag too. I am aware that some said that the national anthem originally came from Indonesia etc.

    Just like some of those WW2 Chinese notes, the designer(s) incorporate some secret messages telling the locals that the Americans were coming. Interesting, isn't it? These are not just a negotiable bill, but can be used as 'propaganda' tool as well.

  9. Dear Mr.Chua,

    Appreciate if you can show me how to look the word hawaii in this Rm1?