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My Straits, Malaya, Malaya and British Borneo, and Malaysia $1 Collection Part V

1999 Malaysia Ali Abul Hassan CR $1 AUNC Obverse

1999 Malaysia Ali Abul Hassan CR $1 AUNC Reverse

2000 Malaysia $1 UNC

2010 Malaysia AAA $1 GEF-AUNC

In 1988, the government decided to demonetized the $1. As a result, a new $1 coin was designed, strucked and issued for circulation between 1989-1999. In the 10 years period, the government found out that there were too many counterfeit $1 coins in the market and decided to reintroduced the RM1 banknotes in 1998.

In 1999 a new RM1 was designed, printed and ready for circulation. The banknotes were then in all banks all over the country ready to be issued into circulation when suddenly the Governor then, Ali Abul Hassan suddenly resigned and stepped down in protest of the then government certain policy. Current Governor Zeti Aziz took over as governor of BNM(Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia Central Bank) few days later.

This new design of RM1 with Ali Abul Hassan signatory were eventually never issued into circulation. However, a small number of this new design notes with the prefic CR were accidentally released to the public. Thus the term CR became famous overnight when collectors knew about the scarcity of these notes. It is estimated that only about 1000++ pieces were still available in the market. The numbers are dwindling as public are still unaware of or never even seen it, banked into the banks. Bankers were ordered to collect back all these CR and surrender to BNM for cancellation.

A UNC piece of this "CR" would call for RM1500++ per piece.

When Zeti Aziz took over BNM, a similar design notes with her signature were released into circulation in 2000. In 2010, the Malaysian banknotes prefix system enters another milestone when tripple alphabets were used instead of 2 alphabets, a tradition that had been here since 1982.

This would wrap up my complete set of $1. I hope you all would enjoy my collections as I have been collecting these notes over the years.

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  1. Chua,

    Don't stop here! What about that 'Hawaii' one dollar note? LOL!

  2. Kai,
    its coming your way...
    i simply lantak only....though not much clues were given...
    Ps: if i got it right, any gifts for me???

  3. hey. i have 3 pieces of this kind of money by now. hahaha

  4. 我要 CR 的 RM1