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My Straits, Malaya, Malaya and British Borneo, and Malaysia $1 Collection Part IV

1982 Malaysia Blindman Series $1 by Bradbury UNC

1982 Malaysia Blindman Series $1 by TDLR UNC

1985 Malaysia $1 without security thread aEF

1986 Malaysia $1 with security thread UNC

In this posting, I would like to introduce to you the $1 issued in between 1982-1986, during Aziz Taha and Jafar Hussein reign as governor of BNM.

In 1982, a brand new series with complete new design and prefix system were introduced. This is the famous BLINDMAN series because this is the 1st time Malaysia in-corporate blindman features to facilitate blind people to recognise the value of the notes. There were 2 different printers for this Blindman Series, namely Bradbury Wilkinson and TDLR.
The new design were then redesigned in 1985 when Jafar Hussein took over as the Governor of Malaysia Central Bank or BNM. Again, there were 2 different set for this Jafar Hussein $1 note, where one is with security thread while the other is without security thread.

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  1. Hi Chua.
    It seems that the second $1 have some foxing on it.
    Some of my notes also turning like that. Very sad.

  2. wilson: yeah....
    this is the results of not protecting the notes the correct way.....sigh...i was a beginner then, not much experience...