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Mr. Chai's Stolen Items List Part 3

This is the 3rd part of the list.

Malaysia, 1967-1981

1967 1st series

1. M27,RM1, multi pcs

2. M28,RM5, 2pcs

3. M30,RM50, LIMA PULOH, EF, 3pcs

4. M30,RM50, LIMA PULOH, Z series replacement, VF, 1pc

5. M30,RM50, LIMA PULOH, A/4 prefix,UNC, 1pc

1972 2nd series

1. M33,RM1, UNC, 10pcs

2. M35,RM10, UNC, 5pcs

3. M36,RM50, LIMA PULUH, EF, 2pcs

4. M30,RM50, LIMA PULUH,Z series replacement , EF, 1pc

1976 3rd series

1. M39,RM1, UNC, multi pcs

2. M40,RM5, UNC, 3pcs

3. M41,RM10, SEPULUH,UNC, 3pcs

4. M42,RM50, LIMA PULUH, AU, 4pcs

5. M43,RM100, SERATUS,AU,1pc

1981 4th series

1. M46,RM5, UNC, 3pcs

2. M48,RM50, LIMA PULUH, AU, 3pcs, with pinholes on the left side, as shown in image(will be uploaded soon).