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Mr Chai 's Stolen Items List Part 4

The list for Part 4 is for Malaysia Notes from Blindman Series to Ahmad Don.

1981 Blindman Series (Taha)

1. M52, RM5, UNC, NA, NB, NC, and ND, multi sets

2. M52, RM5, NZ replacement notes with number beginning 001, 003,004, and 007(3pcs)

3. M53, RM10, EF and UNC, 40 pcs

4. M53, RM10, QA replacement notes, UNC, 3 running pairs

5. M55, RM50, 2pcs

6. M55, RM50, WA replacement note, UNC

7. M56, RM100, ZA, ZB, and ZC set

1986 Series (Jafar Hussein)

1. M61, RM10, TDLR, multi pcs

2. M61, RM10, TDLR, UNC, QA prefix series Replacement Notes

3. M61, RM10, BA Banknotes, QA prefix series Replacement Notes

4. M63, RM50, TDLR, UNC, 5pcs

5. M63, RM50, TDLR, UNC, WA prefix series Replacement notes, 4pcs

6. M64, RM100, TDLR, UNC, 5pcs

7. M65, RM500, TDLR, EF, 1 pc

8. M66, RM1000, TDLR, EF, 2pcs

1995-97 Series (Ahmad Don)

1. M61, RM10, Giesecke a& Devrient, QA prefix series Replacement Notes

2. M62, RM50, BA Banknotes, 5 pcs

3. M64, RM100, TDLR, UNC, ZU series replacement notes, 3pcs

4. M66, RM1000, TDLR, EF, Giesecke & Devrient, serial number ZA xxxxx52 & xxxxx53 running pair.

~to be continued~