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Mr. Chai's Stolen Items List Part 5

The last of the list, which contains the WAWASAN Series from Ahmad Don till Zeti

Ahmad Don Series

1. M67, RM2, AA prefix, 10 pcs

2. M67, RM2, ZA, ZC, Z replacement notes

3. M67, RM2, BA prefix. 10pcs

4. M67, RM2, AZ prefix, 15pcs

5. M71, RM10, side sign.

6. M75, RM50, side sign ZA replacement note

Ali Abul Hassan Series

1. M68, RM2, side sign, UNC, 10 pcs

2. M68, RM2, side sign, ZD replacement notes, 10 pcs

3. M72, RM10, side sign

4. M76, RM50, side sign, Serial Number BG9700016

5. M76, RM50, side sign, ZA series replacement note.

6. M79, RM100, side sign ZA series replacement note

7. M69, RM2, DF prefix, 10 pairs

8. M70, RM5, centre sign, ZA replacement note, 10pcs

9. M73, RM10, centre sign

10. M73, RM10, centre sign, ZA replacement note

11. M80, RM100, centre sign, ZA replacement note, UNC, 3pcs

Zeti Aziz Series

1. M81, RM1, ZA, ZB, ZC, ZD, ZE replacement notes multi pcs

2. M82, RM5, ZA series replacement notes

3. M83, RM10, without silver security thread, ZA series replacement notes

4. M84, RM50, ZA, ZB, ZC, ZD, ZE replacement notes multi pcs

5. M85, RM100, ZA, ZB, and ZC replacement notes

6. M86, RM10, with silver security thread, ZA replacement notes

This should complete the list of stolen items as provided by Mr Chai.

I will scan the pictures of some notes as illustrated by Mr Chai and upload by this evening. Please do come back for the update and help to spread the news for the sake of friends in numismatics.

To dealers and collectors out there, a word of caution, be on the lookout for items that are too good to be true, most probably they are. Avoid buying from suspicious source to avoid getting into trouble in future.

2 条评论:

  1. Dear Mr.Chua,

    May be this may help.

    Part 5, Ali Abu Hassan side signature item 4 was "BG 970000017".


  2. Hi David,
    Thanks for the info.
    just got confirmation that the number is BG9700016. The number 17 belongs to another collector.