Banknotes collectors who visited...来自各国的一班朋友们

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Pictures of Items Stolen from Mr Chai

This blog post is to share the pictures of the notes condition as illustrated by Mr Chai. I also received a call from Mr Chai the he also forgot to mention a few more items stolen. Here's the extra items list:-

1. M81, Zeti RM1 solid numbers 111111, 2222222, 5555555 and 9999999.

2. Bruneian notes:

Sultan Sir Omar Ali Saifudin

a) B1, 1 dollar

b) B2, 5 dollar

c) B3, 10 dollar

4) B5, 100 dollar

and some current Brunei Sultan 5, 10 and 50 dollar banknotes.

3 条评论:

  1. just wondering if they are reading this?

  2. kai,
    yes they do. because someone spotted an error and i double confirmed with mr chai.

  3. No, I meant if those culprits are reading these!