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1999 Ali Abul Hasan RM2 - RM100 side signature complete set UNC.

Recently just completed my 1999 Ali Abul Hasan Side signature Choic UNC complete set. This is the  shortest lived series of banknotes ever issued in the history of modern Malaysia banknotes, issued and discontinued in the same year. 

Together with its  predecessor with similar design, Ahmad Don series, they are the only 2 series of side signature. Will this feature have tremendous impact on their values and potential in years to come? Only time can tell...

This series have caught the attentions of collectors lately and they (UNC and above) seem to have disappear into thin air in many places of the local markets.

All denominations issued in this series are the same as its predecessor :

a) RM2 in 1998 (printed by American Banknote Co.)

b) RM10 in 1998 (printed by BA Banknote)

c) RM50 in 1999 (printed by G & D)

d) RM100 in 1999 (printed by G & D)

Next one is the Ali Abul Hasan centre sign series.