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The Journey to Building a Strong Numist Collection...Part IV

The next type of approach in collection that I am going to share with all the newbies out there is Thematic Collection. Yes, the name itself has indicated somewhat it has something to do with a theme.

To all the newbies out there, you can collect your notes according to some certain themes. I have seen collectors who focus mainly on Solid Numbers, Replacement Notes, 1st and last prefixes. 

There are also those who mainly collect banknotes with Queen Elizabeth's portraits. In fact there is a catalogue on the Queen's notes itself. What about Uncut notes? I am sure there are collectors who are purely into them. Recently a catalogue was published locally to cater for the needs of the collectors in world uncut banknotes.

I know there are collectors out there who loves only JIM- Japanese Invasion Money. There are also countless numis who are crazy for error notes, not to mention those who have the craving for error coins. Recently a group of collectors has just emerged out of nowhere concentrating on proof coins!!! This is something that is unseen probably 15 years ago.

Choose the theme that interests you the most wisely, the one that you can afford at the moment of course. You only have very limited resources, or should I say silver bullets in your hand. You need to make every one of your kill worthwhile whilst building your collection! Then slowly dive in to enjoy the funs and frills of collecting numismatics items.