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The Journey to Building a Strong Numist Collection....Part V

This is my last part of the sharing which will cover the last two parts...

After you have identify the path you have may begin collecting your precious babies one by one...However, it is important for me to remind all the newbies out there...please be careful with your budget. One will always get into the problem of shortage of silver bullets to shoot down the target, that is your wanted collections...

It is always a good practice to buy within your means, do not overspend on your items. Do some simple researches, studies and market survey on the items that you wanted. Catalogues most of the time are not be able to fully reflect the current market value of one particular item. They are meant for reference only, not the ultimatum. There are many other factors for which one collector has to take into consideration before buying the collectibles.

When it is time for you to let go of your babies after say 10-20 years nurturing them at home, you can let them go at different locations, ebay website is one of it. You may even try to sell it on Mudah or if you are IT savvy, do setup your own blog or website to let go some of your babies which have grown up. Otherwise, you may consigned your items to local dealers or numismatic auctioneers such as Malaysia Numismatic Society, Monetarium or MAVIN down south...

All in all, spend your money wisely and surely, you will be rewarded handsomely in probably in just few years can find out what I mean in the last few pages of Steven Tan's catalogue.