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Malaysian Numismatics Market is just losing out all the way???!!!

Nowadays, Numimatic collectibles are highly sought after in Malaysia. When I first started venturing into this hobby, I can still see plenty of good quality collectibles around. However, that statement is no longer valid recently.

I have been in this hobby for the past 7-8 years and I must say, I myself is loosing out to my other collectors if compared to my friends down under, both in terms of my collections as well as my investment returns.

Recently I have been fortunate enough to visit the Coinfair in Singapore as well as the MAVIN AUCTION simultaneously. FYI, I could only stare at those dreamed notes and coins in both events.

If one can go through the MNS, Moneatarium, and Mavin realised price, not forgetting the Coinfair, and the upcoming NSA auction, one can come to a simple conclusion ==> Rare/Scarce/Good quality Malaysian Numis items are found mostly in overseas auction. 

Mind you, these overseas auction charge a minimum of 18% premium on top of the hammered price. So the actual price you will be paying is surely higher.

Such comparison has led me to consider and think why are all these scarce/rare/good items were hardly seen if not never appear in the local auction organised by MNS or local dealers? What happened? Why are these local jewels not appearing in our local MNS auction or local dealers

Our local numist collectors have to travel all the way down just to bid for that few pieces of note....very troublesome.  Whats more with our internet speed that is so unreliable, internet bidding is out of the question.  

Why can't local auction as well as dealers secure more rare/scarce/good items for our local collectors to bid? Is our market loosing out to our neighbouring auction counterparts?

Has anyone compared the hammered price of similar items in these different auctions? Could that be one of the reasons why local collectors refuse to consign their invaluable collections to local auctions or dealers

As such, it is the local numist community loss if more and more of such rare/scarce/good items find its way to overseas auctions/dealers.

I strongly believe a drastic change in the mindset of collectors and paradigm shift in the dealers point of view are of vital importance to keep those jewels on home ground!!