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MNS Auction vs MAVIN Auction - Part 1

This June and July will see few auctions happening in Malaysia and Singapore. These are

a) MNS auction on the 30th June 2013
b) Melaka Coin Auction in Melaka on 6th July
c) Mavin Auction (Banknotes Section only) on the 20th July

A very busy schedule for Numist fans out there. Time to go and bid for your dream items.

In my last post, I posted a question, are the Malaysian Numismatic market and collectors losing their competition?

Here in this post I would like to share my thoughts on that particular question. To answer that question, let's  do a few simple comparisons between certain similar items or almost similar items in the coming MNS auction and the MAVIN auction. As for the Melaka Coin Auction I have no data on the items for auction, so I am unable to do any comparison.

Here is the first item.


The first item is by MAVIN while the second item is by MNS.
There is another item which is similar but is of different category and level so I will not use it for comparison purposes.

So here are my thoughts. The reserved prices for both items seem reasonable and not so far apart judging from the condition of the notes. Given the time and money, one would definitely go for the better grade. If not, one will just have settled with the one they can afford.

What will be the outcome of these 3 items? Will all three be hammered? If yes what will be the hammered price for each? If not which one will be sold off? The answer will be out next month. I can only wish that all 3 will be well sought after.

However, a closer look reveals that the better one(s) is(are) being auctioned off in Singapore. It only shows and proves my claims in my previous post.

It is obvious that the local collectors/dealers find it hard to get the better one(s) in local auction. WHY? WHY?

Is it because of the hammered price in MNS is so unacceptably low compared to MAVIN? One can check the past hammered price record and make comparison.

Is it because MNS limits its members only to have a go at the items, thus making it difficult for the non-members and public to have a go and try their luck? If so, this in the long run will be or might be detrimental, and probably a fatal blow to the numismatic community growth.

Or is it because the members of MNS are not willing to pay reasonable price for quality items, hoping to get a cheap one, but willing to spend big $$$ to travel all the way down under and pay a hefty lump sum just to get another similar quality item? Only they themselves can answer.

I would like to see a healthy growth of the numismatic community in my country. 

If the ideology of "the grass is always greener on the other side" prevails, I fear that the fate of the Malaysian Numismatic Community is already sealed in that coffin buried underground.