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JBNC 4th Auction.....Part III

This post is 3rd part of the lots up for grab during upcoming JBNC online auction...

Lot 11, Straits Settlement, 1921, King George V, Half Dollar silver coin, 0.5 silver, (KNB19c) PCGS Graded MS64.
Start bid: RM350, Estimate: RM400 – RM500

Lot 12, Malaysia, 1976, Ismail Ali, Steven Tan M41, Low Serial No 1. This exceptional note is as nice as it was when printed over 40 years ago. An original note with excellent centering and margins. It has a scarce double letters prefix E/77 and was graded Gem UNC 65 EPQ. There are only a handful of the third series RM10 denomination low serial no 1 banknotes reported in market place before and half of them in average grades or UNC with foxing stains (To date JBNC has recorded the surviving existence of the following: D/39, D/83, E/38, E/41, E/77 and E/84 only). This piece is definitely among the best example with EPQ grade.
Starting: RM6000, Estimate: RM10000-RM15000

Lot 13, Malaysia, 2007, Zeti Aziz, RM50 Goldline Commemorative note, AA prefix with 3 zeros in front, low serial no, Steven Tan M94, PMG graded Superb Gem Unc 67 EPQ.
Start bid: RM1700  Estimate: RM1800-RM2000

Lot 14, Malaysia, 1967, Ismail Ali, (KNB1a), Low serial number 5, PMG graded Choice Unc 64. Any first series special serial numbered banknotes are scarce, not many have survived in uncirculated condition.
Start bid: RM1000 Estimate: RM1200 – RM2000

Lot 15, , Malaysia, 2012, Zeti Aziz, RM10, Steven Tan M99, Low Serial Auspicious No 88, sold in JBNC Auction 2 as raw note, now PMG graded Superb Gem Unc 67 EPQ. Multi-coloured and lovely PMG score with excellent centering and margins.
Start bid: RM650 Estimate: RM1000 – RM1500

To be continue.....

To those who wish to join our coming JBNC auction but have no idea how, please email me at for further inquiries.....