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JBNC 4th Auction.....Part IV

This is the 4th part of the items up for grabs.

Lot 16, Malaya and British Borneo, 1954, Queen Elizabeth II, 20c, (KN5a), PCGS graded MS65

Start bid: RM200   Estimate: RM250-RM300

Lot 17, Malaysia, 1999, Ali Abul Hasan Side Signature, Replacement note, (KNB54b), PMG graded GEM UNC 65 EPQ. Ninth series RM100 denomination replacement note is a popular type for replacement note collector, it has limited existence with serial number in between ZA 006xxxx until ZA 028xxxx only (KS Numismatic, 2015).

Start bid: RM480   Estimate: RM500-RM600

Lot 18, 1999, Ali Abul Hasan Side Signature, (KNB53c), PMG graded Gem Unc 66 EPQ. Only three prefixes of ninth series RM50 denomination were issued (BG98xxxxx to BJ4xxxxxx, including BH) therefore worth collecting.

Start bid: RM1400   Estimate: RM1500-RM1600

Lot 19, 2012, Malaysia, 100th Anniversary of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, 0.925 Silver proof, (KN129), Mintage 600, NGC Graded PF69 Ultra Cameo

Starting : RM350     Estimate : RM500-RM700

Lot 20, Malaya 1 Cent, Steven Tan M2a, Extra 'dot' under the Signature of Weisberg, PMG 65 EPQ (A similar item extra 'dot' but PMG 67 EPQ was sold in Mavin Auction 39 (25/3/2015)Lot 542 for SGD 1013, or RM3000+- including 18% buyer premium).

Starting: RM1000   Estimate: RM1200-1600.

Lot 21, Malaya, Cash Voucher, The Malaya & Friendship Bank Ltd., Undated. No. 006005. Several tears and holes, paper thinning. Poor grade but original note. Seldomly appear in the market, this is the first and the only example known to exist in numismatic market so far. A similar voucher but different design in average grade was sold in Collectible Auction Asia 3/2014 (Lot 549) for SGD 920 (RM2700 + incl. 15% buyer premium).

Started: RM800, Estimate: RM2000-3000

Lot 22, Malaysia, 1982, Aziz Taha, (KNB27b), PMG graded Gem Unc and Superb Gem Unc.

Start bid: RM1800 Estimate: RM2000-RM2500


Lot 23, Malaysia, 1981 Circulation Issue Proof set, (KNB19), NGC Graded, PF 67 to PF 69 all with Ultra Cameo. BNM did not launch this proof set officially in 1981. There was a theory that due to technical issue of the coinage minting which the edge $1 and 50 sen coins were not engraved with the wording "Bank Negara Malaysia" so BNM had revoked the issuing. However, a small quantity of the proof set was accidentally released into the market.

Start bid: RM3800    Estimate: RM5000-6000

Lot 24, Singapore, 1995, 50th Anniversary of United Nations, $5, Steven Tan SPE14, Bi-metallic. NGC Graded MS66

Start bid: RM150      Estimate: RM200-RM300
To be continued.............................